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Modified Ketogenic Diet vs. Modified Mediterranean Plan

The Modified Ketogenic Diet (MKD) and Modified Mediterranean Plan (MMP)

both have evidence supporting weight loss and overall health. The MKD includes more fat and protein with less carbohydrate, where the MMP includes more carbohydrate and less protein and fat. The main difference is the fat to carbohydrate ratio and therefor the fuel for your cells. Our weight is maintained through an energy balance within our bodies between energy expenditure (movement, exercise, and habitual activity throughout the day) and energy intake (the food we consume). This energy balance is controlled by hormones inside our cells. Insulin is one of these hormones and it is closely linked to glucose or carbohydrate intake, and therefor a key player in the MMP. Insulin secretion slows down in the MKD plan, potentially playing into the moderation of hunger, afternoon energy slumps, and mood swings.

The MKD- rapid weight loss

20% carbohydrate, 40% protein, and 40%fat

  • rapid weight loss (due to a significant change in how we feed our cells)

  • increased fat burning capacity (with more fat our bodies get better a burning fat)

  • more restrictive (fewer choices of food)

  • insulin sensitization (we release less of it)

The MMP- steady weight loss

40% carbohydrate, 30% protein, 30% fat

  • extensively studied with the most supportive research (years of good studies with lots of participants and good results)

  • great longevity (we know it works)

  • endless plant based options (includes lots of vegetables with color and fiber)

  • more forgiveness (get to enjoy yummy deserts and speciality drinks)


  1. I do not prescribe to counting calories, instead I recommend practicing awareness and thoughtfulness in food choice.

  2. Eat carbohydrates before exercise for fuel.

  3. Eat protein after exercise to build muscle mass.

  4. Add fats to warm drinks to improve mouth feel and taste.

  5. Use resistant training or high intensity workouts to improve bone density, increase weight loss, and support your mood.

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