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Functional Medicine uses lifestyle interventions like nutrition, exercise, healthy sleep habits, stress reduction, and supportive relationships to build personal awareness, and ultimately better health. Movement or exercise is one of the key lifestyle hacks that we as individuals can regularly implement and use to improve our well-being. Exercise can turn a a mood around and create that ever aspiring place of bliss!

The term movement can be used interchangeably with the word exercise. Movement for me describes the dance element or softer aspects of physical movement. Exercise better describes the power or systematic movement behind our physical being.

Movement feels good, builds physical strength, and clears the mind.

Key factors in movement:

  1. Joint movement gets the lymph and circulatory system flowing for improved circulation and immune function

  2. Builds core strength

  3. Builds bone health

  4. Produces a positive endorphin release

  5. Gets you out in Nature

Get out and move! Winter days are great for skiing, nordic, ice skating, and walks with your dog.

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