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Yuck... I don't like that!

After taking the last couple of months off from the blog, I am back to share more on nutrition, food, and lifestyle! This first post is about how to nurture a picky eater.

With summer on it's way the school year lunch room will no longer dictate what your child eats, potentially an opportunity to capitalize on introducing new foods. Use this time to engage your kids around food.

1. Invite them to the grocery store: Have them pick out foods they want to eat. Ask that they make snack, or mealtime choices well rounded. To include a protein (meat, nuts, or egg), a carbohydrate (one colorful fruit and one vegetable), and a healthy fat (avocado, olives, nuts, seeds, or olive oil are good choices), especially at meals. Snacks can be well rounded as well, apple and nut butter go a long way to health and satiety.

2. Add fruits and vegetables to your kids favorite meals. Blueberries in pancakes or cabbage and avocado on tacos.

3. Create a salad or taco bar for dinner, with healthy choices, encouraging them to add colors to their plate.

4. Opt into social environments with non-picky eaters. Often times kids can be encouraged by other peers.

5. Have them pick out a recipe and help them make it. Get them involved in the kitchen.

Make it fun for yourselves and your little ones, it will make a difference for years to come.

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