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About Shamai Buckel

Your Health Matters

The force behind Shamai's work is a deep desire to help individuals achieve their long-term nutritional and lifestyle goals. Whether you need help with weight loss, disease prevention, or family nutrition education each client receives an anti-inflammatory food plan based on well-researched information tailored to your individual needs.

My personal journey with health begin with my undergraduate education in health promotion and wellness. Over 15 years ago I was in a period of my life when crippling stomach aches and axillary cysts created everyday challenges. I knew that I wanted to have a long life with vitality, thus I set out on my life’s journey of using nutrition to relieve symptoms and address root causes. Through this work I have found that lifestyle factors play a significant role in overall health. Reducing stress, optimizing daily movement, building mindfulness, fostering positive relationships and eating a whole foods diet are key elements for success. I look forward to working with you in creating a supportive lifestyle, that helps you to achieve your goals.

• Masters in Science Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine

• BA in Health Promotion and Wellness 

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