The Functional Nutrition Consultations are personalized programs, built for you!  Using your health history, symptoms, eating habits, and goals we will build a Food Plan that you can use as a lifestyle diet to help you address health concerns, personal wellbeing, and achieve goals. 

After completing the intact forms, you will have a phone consult to review food plan, lifestyle factors, and ask questions.  As you work through making needed adjustments you will get a follow-up call, email support and encouragement, along with tips and tools to help you be successful with the food plan.  

Functional Nutrition Programs include: 

  • Gastrointestinal Distress 

  • Food Sensitivity Exploration

  • WeightLoss

  • Hormone Balancing

Functional Nutrition Consultations



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Other lifestyle factors

Throughout the entire process we will explore other lifestyle factors such as sleep, exercise, stress, and personal relationships to see how they are impacting your overall health. You will have the chance to learn, practice, and build healthy habits that support your wellbeing.