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What to eat on the run...

Do you find it easy to eat well when you have the time to cook at home?

Do you find yourself grabbing a bag of chips when stress gets the best of you?

Will you eat anything once you are really hungery?

It is common to feel and do all of the above. When your routine changes or stressful life happens it can be hard to eat well. Although, this is the exact time you need to nourish yourself. The food that goes into your body feeds your cells and provides the nutrients your body needs for energy as well as to detoxify and flush out the waste.

Here are some tips to eating well when busy:

Plan Ahead

  • Pack snacks that have a shelf life-

  • Grass-fed beef jerky (gluten free, little to no sugar, with less then 5 ingredients)

  • Nut or seed butters (unsweetened)

  • Olives

  • Seaweed

  • Prep Vegetables and fruits

  • Wash, cut, and package cucumber, radish, jicama, and carrot for dipping

  • Make guacamole for dipping

  • Make vegetable chips (cut vegetable thinly, toss in ghee and salt, bake in oven for 10 minutes at 350)

  • Wash strawberries and raspberries as soon as you bring them home from the grocery, so they are ready to eat whenever needed.

  • Have apples and bananas on hand, they go great with nut and seed butters, add a covered knife to your travel bag

  • Plan meals well in advance

  • Use a detailed shopping list

  • Prep the night or day before

  • Keep the recipes interesting, trying new ones weekly

Managing stress

Manage stress, so that you can stay on track. Make a plan for your day and take time throughout the day for pausing and reflecting.

  • Take time to meditate each morning.

  • Make a plan with specific goals for each day

  • Prioritize goals, and work on the most important ones first

  • Read emails only after you complete priorities

  • Hold phone calls till you nail down your goals

  • Take movement, breathing, or personal breaks throughout the day

  • Eat before you are starving, and eat only until full

Setting yourself up for success will provide more opportunity for accomplishing your personal goals. A well feed person is more reasonable, approachable, and kind!

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